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We know that there is a lot to Kajabi. It’s an all-in-one platform, and if marketing and technology are not what you love, it can feel like total chaos. 

Open up to Harmony in Kajabi.

Want happier clients and a smoother business?

Harmony Virtual Solutions helps you achieve that with:

  • Client Journey Magic: We design a seamless experience for your clients, from first contact to loyal fan. Think captivating lead magnets, smooth onboarding, and happy advocates.
  • Funnel Finesse: We optimize your marketing funnels to attract leads and guide them effortlessly through each stage. More leads, less hassle.
  • Holistic Hero: We’re your tech and client engagement partner. You focus on your vision, we handle the details.

Turn your vision into loyal customers with Harmony Virtual Solutions.

We build seamless client journeys to:

  • Attract: Design irresistible lead magnets to get the right clients.
  • Engage: Nurture leads through every step, from first contact to advocacy.
  • Convert: Optimize funnels for smooth sailing, from clicks to purchases.

We handle the tech, you focus on your vision:

  • Streamline processes: Save time and money with efficient workflows.
  • Intuitive journeys: Captivate your audience with a joyful experience.
  • Deliver effortlessly: Ensure every interaction with your clients is smooth and easy.


We’re your partner in crafting client experiences that drive business success. Let Harmony Virtual Solutions handle the behind-the-scenes magic, while you focus on your vision.

Creating Websites That Convert Since 1999
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Reap the benefits of a good website

Are you curious about how you can ensure the message on your website truly resonates?

It’s a no-fluff call and you’ll walk away with our signature BLOOM philosophy for getting your website on the right path to ranking higher in the search results and providing a larger impact.  

Creating Websites That Convert Since 1999
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Reap the benefits of a good website

Are you curious about how you can ensure the message on your website truly resonates?

It’s a no-fluff call and you’ll walk away with our special IMPACT formula for getting your website on the right path to ranking higher in the search results.  

We work with many services, and here are some of our favorites!

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clickup project management
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Google Workplace
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ThriveCart sales funnels
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kajabi logo
slack message
clickup project management
ThriveCart sales funnels
Google Workplace
zapier workflow

What kind experience are you creating?


  • Do you create meaningful connections with your ideal clients right from the awareness stage?
  • Do you provide a smooth and enjoyable experience, addressing your ideal client’s pain points and delivering solutions at each stage?
  • Do you not just meet expectations, but exceed them at every turn?

Guiding your ideal client from initial awareness to becoming your most enthusiastic advocate will:

Build Meaningful Connections

By carefully crafting each touchpoint, from the first introduction to the final interaction, you ensure that the client’s experience is seamless, engaging, and aligned with their needs. This connection-building process fosters trust and establishes a strong foundation for a lasting relationship.

Enhance Customer Loyalty

When clients find the process easy to navigate and tailored to their preferences, satisfaction levels increase. Satisfied clients are more likely to become repeat customers and loyal advocates for your brand. 

Transform Clients into Advocates

By consistently delivering exceptional experiences, you transform clients into enthusiastic advocates for your brand. Satisfied clients who feel supported and valued are more likely to share their positive experiences with others, becoming organic ambassadors.


Take Time to Realign!

As we continue our own journeys (a beautiful journey of growth and exploration!), it’s important to step back and realign ourselves with those we serve and how we serve them. A great place to start is with our Mindful Marketing Foundations Ideal Client Workbook. ⇩ 

Ideal Client Journey

Open your awareness to those you serve

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Who is Harmony Virtual Solutions?

We’re your biggest fans, helping passionate people like you make a real difference.

Our mission: Support your cause and get your message to the people who need it most.

What makes us special:

    • We care deeply. We offer personalized attention and go the extra mile for excellent results.
    • We solve problems before they start. We’re proactive, always looking for ways to amplify your impact.
    • We communicate clearly. You’ll always be in the loop, working together seamlessly to bring your brand to life online.

We’re your cheerleaders, advisors, and partners in making the world a better place.

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Will we be a good fit for your needs?

We believe in aligning our values and living those attributes daily.

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“I would be lost without having Hillary on my team! I am not a tech person, and knowing I can reach out to her and give exactly what I need makes me feel comfortable that it will all get done. Hillary’s knowledge of WordPress and Kajabi lets me ask the ‘stupid questions’ and not look like an idiot when unsure something can be done. Hillary makes the project work in the timelines I need and has it running smoothly.”

 – Dan Rondeau


With Hillary’s experience in complex technical environments, she’ll get you set up with Kajabi in a SNAP. Her experience in communicating the tech-side in a way that folks can actually understand — and handle it so that they don’t need to — is what makes her an INVALUABLE asset to any spiritual coach looking for ease in business. 

– Amanda W.

Are you a heart-centered coach who is tired of dealing with technology? Hillary can help take you out of overwhelm and into peace and clarity. Let her handle Kajabi, and you can focus on your clients and coaching business.

– Julie Trombley

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