Technical Project Management
for Heart-Centered Brands

Give your clients and customers the best experience possible.

Your customers want learn from you. And you need to learn from them. Their experience, each interaction, is an opportunity to gain their loyalty. It’s time to present a professional, caring experience for your clients from their first interaction, and they’ll have no reason to go elsewhere.

Actively listen to your clients’ needs,
Educate them by sharing your knowledge,
Set clear expectations,
Create reliable processes to guide them through their customer journey.

Whether you need help understanding your customer base’s feedback, automate your client onboarding process, or maintain an engaging virtual experience, Harmony Virtual Solutions can help.

Providing an excellent experience for your client from discovery to loyal advocate without manually being a part of each step can save you a lot of time and money. It’s time to take your client’s journey to the next level with smooth and engaging processes to keep your day to day effortless and your client’s happy.

You already know this! You’re here, which shows you’re ready to take your virtual presence to the next level.

There are so many options, services, and integrations! I’m sure these are familiar questions.

How do I know if my clients are happy?
How can I grow with my clients and their needs?
Which social platform do I use?
How can I integrate my existing systems?
How can I securely collect information from my clients?
How can I keep my electronic files organized?
Which is the best way to collect payments from my website?
How can I send fewer emails?
What repetitive tasks can I get rid of?

I love to partner with people like you who make a difference in the lives of their clients.

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It’s ok; not everyone is eager to dive into a new system and setup. You already have important work to do. It’s your priority, and you don’t have time to sort through all your client’s requests. But their experience is the most important! So, let’s chat! I am here to help.

You are an expert in your field. Your time should be spent doing what you love to do and what you’ve trained to do.

Hillary has been such an incredible resource and an absolute pleasure to work with! She has helped me research and implement the best solutions for my team, taking the time to carefully explain the features and options of each. Her communication is clear, timely, and professional, and she’s so great at including everyone’s suggestions in the final outcome. Hillary has truly been a virtual partner every step of the way!

Laurelei Black ~ Author, Teacher, Activator

I highly recommend Hillary Sciscoe of Harmony Virtual Solutions. She has been helping me with social media exposure for my small integrative medicine clinic. She has an innate gift of capturing the essence of who I am as a practitioner and transferring that into creative social media posts. Hillary is full of ideas for my campaigns and gives constructive and helpful feedback to make all my marketing more impactful. She is extremely easy to work with, professional, and prompt in her work. I trust her to take the lead on my social media and every post delights me. If you are looking for a VA to help with your social media, organization, or any other small business needs, Hillary Sciscoe is an amazing choice!

Jen Owen, N.P. ~ FLOURISH Integrative Medicine