Business Alignment Ritual

How to Nurture and Refine Your Business Vision

Unlocking Clarity in 60 Minutes


I’m excited to share this practice of finding clarity to deepen your connection with the direction of your business.

These three short and simple exercises will help you ground and gain clarity to help you define the next phase of your business goals.

Taking time at least once a year to focus on the vision of your business will help you drive the growth towards where you want to be this time next year. In fact, I recommend doing this quarterly to keep yourself on a focused path.

It’s extra important if you are feeling too busy, too frustrated, or if you think you may want to redefine a part of your business.

Grab your journal, your favorite pen, a candle and an hour of time.

Other things to have on hand can be your favorite deck, herbs to burn, essential oils, and anything else that helps you focus.

With love,

desk meditation
meditation and journaling

Prepare by retreating to a quiet, personal space for the next hour where you will not be disturbed.

burning candle

Take a seat with your journal close.

Light your candle.


Take 3 deep breaths.
Be still for a moment of gratitude.
Say out loud what you would like to accomplish today.

Step 1. Define your vision


If you plan to go somewhere, and you’ve never been there, do you research it and make a plan? Do you sometimes do it a couple times if it is a big investment or something really special? I do!

It’s the same with your business. 

You must revisit where you plan to go at least annually.

This is when you put your brain and the Universe on the same page.


Here’s what you do

We’re going to start with clearing our mind.

Take a moment to focus on your breathing.

Listening and feeling the flow of the breath.

Think back through the last few weeks.
Connect with the happy moments while working.

What is it that brings you joy from having your own business?

When do you find yourself being most productive?

What freedoms does having your own business allow you to have?

Grab your journal


#1 What are you doing or what have you accomplished in those happy ‘work’ moments?


#2 Are there certain times of the day that you feel the best while working?


#3 What boundaries can you set to keep your hobbies and favorite ways to pass the time protected?


#4 Why are you doing what you’re doing?


#5 What do you want the outcome to be in 5 years?

Step 2. Get specific

It’s a big Universe!

You can’t count all the stars, and you aren’t right for everyone.

Not everything you have tried doing for everyone fits what you want to do. And that’s OK.

You want to find your best matches!

It’s time to define things further.



 Here’s what you do

Let’s get back to our breath.

Take a moment to focus on your breathing.

Listening and feeling the flow of the breath.

Think about the 5 Ws and say them slowly to yourself.

Who…   What…   When…   Why…   Where… 

Repeat this a few times with your eyes closed, letting something come to mind for each word. 


Grab your journal


#1 Who are you selling to?

    • Out of all of your clients, who makes you the most excited to work with them?
    • What client personality traits do you enjoy working with? Think about why you are excited to work with them.
    • Which of your clients’ needs do you thrive when working to fill them?
    • What do they do in their spare time?
    • What is important to them?

#2 What are you selling to them?

    • What work that you do are you finding yourself fully immersed in? This could be the difference between different methods of work or whether you are working one-to-one or in groups.
    • List some keywords and phrases about your work.
    • What makes it different than what your friends in the same field offer

#3 When is it crucial that they have your help?

    • At what point in their life do your clients decide they need your services?

#4 Why do they need it?

    • What pushes them to make their final decision to work with you?

#5 Where do they hang out?

    • Which social media platforms do your clients prefer?
    • Do they like watching videos or reading a blog?

Step 3. Make a plan

Now that you have a refreshed idea of who you are talking to and who they are as a person, it’s time to make a plan to talk to them!

This can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

You’ve already done the hardest part.

Getting it out of your head is the first step.

The thoughts you have written down in the previous steps are going to help keep this process simple.



Here’s what you do

It’s time to review your lists from above.

You are looking for an overlap of interest from your clients and keywords and phrases from your work.


Grab your journal

#1. Take a few minutes and write down the overlap that you found between your lists.

#2. Take your brainstorming further and dream bigger. Write down where you want your business to take you.

#3. It’s time for a very fun part of your planning! You get to select themes for your work.


Select a monthly theme to base your content on for at least six months. It’s great to rotate your freebies around this theme, along with blogs, videos, emails, and any à la carte sessions you are doing. 


Take a deep breath.

Thank yourself for showing up for your business today.

Say out loud how you are feeling.


You have done a beautiful job today.

You now see how you can better align your passion and your business.

You are confident in where you want to go.

I believe in you!
And I want to thank you for allowing me to guide you through this practice.


What’s next?

Now it’s time to put your plans out in the universe.

Share your vision and goals with your family and friends.

Would you like to share your clearer vision with someone who can help you think through how to implement it?

I’d love to help you align your next steps with your goals.