Hillary Sciscoe

25 years of Entrepreneurial and Startup Experience

A note from Hillary

I’m Hillary Sciscoe and for almost three decades, I’ve been an entrepreneur at heart, navigating the worlds of tech and wellness. From growing a software startup to teaching yoga, my journey has shown me the power of both logic and intuition.

After years in the high-tech grind, I found myself yearning for a deeper connection. This is why I now focus on marketing funnel strategy, helping businesses craft intuitive client journeys. When I’m not guiding clients, you can find me curled up with a historical fantasy romance novel, brewing herbal tea, or crafting new creations with my feline colleagues by my side.

A few of my favorite things

My family. Cats, dogs, rabbits… things with fur. Herbal tea and medicines. Meditation. Gardening. Wildcrafts. Sewing. Yoga. Design. Collaboration. Camping. Hiking. Dancing. Animal Husbandry. Board games. Rocks and Crystals. Nature. Fantasy books. 80’s movies and music.

About Hillary

Founder of Harmony Virtual Solutions

Hillary is a seasoned professional with 25 years of diverse experience. She’s interwoven entrepreneurship alongside growing a software startup in the high-tech industry, all while teaching yoga and fitness and deepening her role in local spiritual communities. 

Living at a crossroads of such wildly different experiences has added a unique thread to the fabric of her professional and personal life. It’s created her unique and holistic perspective on technology and business leadership for heart-centered brands.

Hillary began her entrepreneurial journey around the age of 20, designing websites and selling hand-sewn goods and hand-blown glass art. Shortly after, she began teaching yoga. Over time, she’s become an avid herbalist, brewing herbal concoctions grown from her own garden. She has a knack for crafting, a love for historical fantasy novels, and a background in IT and software.  She’s a self-proclaimed cat lady. Hillary’s spiritual practice is a grounded reflection of nature and ancestral wisdom. 

Her journey includes a successful tenure at a bootstrapped software startup, where she led teams dedicated to customer success in the high-tech industry. From customer success, she pivoted and created the Voice of the Customer role, where she dove deep into the customer journey. These experiences eventually led to Harmony Virtual Solutions, a Heart-Centered Marketing Boutique focused on bridging the gap between marketing strategy and implementation to create an intuitive client journey. 


Hillary is warm and welcoming and very encouraging. She inspires a sense of confidence. Knowing she has my back frees me in many ways, both emotionally freeing me from worry and stress, and giving me back time that can be spent doing the thing I love do – working with clients.

Brenda B

EFT Therapist & Life Coach, Senior Women Finding Love

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