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Hey there! Let’s get the backend of your lead magnet process running! Here’s what the overall flow looks like:

Create the Content

If you’re wondering what a lead magnet is or why you need one, check out a previous article here to help get you started. This article is more focused on getting it setup and out there to your ideal clients. 

Landing Page

Once you have content to share, it’s time to get the opt-in and delivery setup. It depends on what you are created as content for the specifics but I suggest creating a landing page on your website, like WordPress, Kajabi, or whatever you use. You can add a video or add a button for a PDF file download or point it to a google doc.

Explainer Page

Now you need to let people know all about your offering. Create a second landing page or blog post which explains what your lead magnet is, why they need it and will find it helpful.

Create the Opt-in Form

It is time to head over to your email marketing tool. First, you want to create a form or copy an existing one to edit. I find it easiest to have one form per lead magnet. MailerLite is a great option I use for several clients. It allows you to connect a multi-step workflow to a single form. 

Check these steps:

  1. Name it so you know what it is
  2. Make sure you have name and email fields on the form
  3. Edit the form wording and thank you page
  4. There is an opt-in option so you can email them.

Email Marketing

When people signup for your lead magnet, you want to add them to multiple groups or segments (depending on what service you are using will define your terminology.) You want them to be signed up for your regular marketing mailings in addition to this specific lead magnet mailing list. 

  1. Create a group or segment to contain all the emails entered into the form so you can trigger the email follow-up on this lead magnet. 
  2. You want that first email to let them know where to redeem their return on giving you their email, so a link to that first landing page we made to house the link or media.
  3. It’s also good to have a few more follow-up emails giving additional information about your services or next. 

Finally, set up that workflow. In many services you can say “IF someone is added to “this” group/segment or fills out “this” form, THEN send them the following emails. 

 Here’s an example of what that could look like in Mailerlite:


In Kajabi, you can use the marketing pipeline to set up your flow. The below is created with their OVO pipeline template and goes on to an offer after the freebie 3-video value is received. I’ll talk further about this specifically in Kajabi soon. 


Add the Opt-in to your Explainer Page

Now it’s time to post the form to your explainer page from above.  At the bottom of your page, below your description, add your form into the page. 

Your form/email service will give you the html to add into your page. 

Make sure to turn it on all!

Some of these services you have to turn off your workflow to make changes so make sure to pop back in and make sure it is on. 

I hope this breakdown helps! I know there are a lot of options, there are a lot of apps, and it can take a lot of questions, time, and planning to get the right setup. If you need to chat, let’s talk it out. I’m happy to do a free 15-min call to help you chat it out. 

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