May Update: A full hour of self-care and business insights

with Hillary Sciscoe


Are you seeking a supportive community where you can connect with like-minded individuals, learn from inspiring speakers, and grow both personally and in your business? 

Look no further than Ground & Grow, a monthly virtual gathering designed to nourish your entrepreneurial spirit.


May’s Meeting on the third Thursday of May!

It all began with a Grounding Exercise led by Veronica Drake

We started the session centered and presented with a guided exercise that set the tone for a space of openness and connection throughout the call, allowing us to be present and absorb more.

Business Introductions with Heart

I say 40 seconds, and we don’t use a timer! I think it works. 🙂 We get to know our fellow Ground & Grow members by listening to them share who they love to work with, what they’re passionate about, and how we can support them in warm and welcoming introductions.

Business Insights: Workflow and Systems Efficiency with Carrie Wulf

In May, Carrie offered practical tips on creating efficient workflows to keep your team and client processes running smoothly. We gained valuable insights and inspiration from Carrie’s knowledge share, which sparked great questions and discussions.

Is 40 seconds really enough? Of course not.

We deepen connections with smaller breakout room discussions to wrap up the call. These focused 10-minute sessions allow you to connect with 2-3 participants more personally and exchange ideas.

The Ground & Grow Community

I love this community! Ground & Grow is a safe space to ask questions, share challenges, and get feedback on your business ideas that fosters a thriving community with a remarkable 65% attendance rate, highlighting the strong sense of connection and value members find in these monthly gatherings.

Are you open to connecting with like-minded individuals, learn from inspiring speakers, and embark on personal and professional growth? 

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Ground & Grow Community


    • Hillary Sciscoe

      Loved chatting with you and excited to do it again! 🙂


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