Growing your Spiritual Business

Growing your Spiritual Business


by Hillary Sciscoe

It’s a journey that demands a harmonious blend of effective strategies, unwavering dedication, and consistent effort.

These blogs encompass a range of topics, each offering valuable insights:

1. Defining Your Niche and Target Audience

Learn how to pinpoint your area of expertise within the spiritual coaching field and identify the audience you want to serve. Specializing in a niche allows you to develop mastery and cater to the specific needs of your target market. Read more.

speak to the heart

2. Developing a Strong Brand and Online Presence

Explore the process of creating a strong brand identity that reflects your values and expertise. I’ll guide you through building a professional website to showcase your services and establishing a meaningful online presence through social media platforms. Read more.

3. Building a Network and Establishing Partnerships

Networking is vital for expanding your reach and gaining clients. I’ll show you how to leverage industry events to connect with peers and potential clients. Collaborating with others in the spiritual and wellness field can also open doors to new audiences. Read more.

connect with influencers

4. Offering High-Quality Content and Value

Content is key in demonstrating your expertise. I’ll discuss the importance of providing valuable content through various mediums like blog posts, videos, podcasts, and free resources. Valuable content helps you build credibility and attract a dedicated following. Read more.

5. Implementing Effective Marketing and Sales Strategies

A well-rounded marketing plan is crucial. I’ll guide you through incorporating online and offline tactics, utilizing social media advertising, content marketing, email marketing, and SEO techniques. Additionally, I’ll cover sales strategies such as free consultations, packages, and webinars to convert potential leads into clients. Read more.

online networking groups

I invite you to explore these blogs offering actionable steps to elevate your spiritual coaching business. Feel free to explore them and use the insights to drive real growth and success in your entrepreneurial journey. 

Remember, growth comes with a blend of intention and action. Here’s to your continuous evolution and the radiant success of your spiritual coaching venture!🌟✨

If you are ready to take this deeper, get access to my Business Alignment Ritual. 

Are you ready to make a profound impact on the world by connecting people to their intuition and soul’s purpose?


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Level Up your Kajabi Course Engagement

Kajabi Coaching

You’ve created multiple levels of courses that flow so well for your student experience. It’s a natural progression, and those that go through all the levels love what you have created. You have helped them grow, expand, and heal.

So now that you have brought your vision to life, it’s time to focus on those who haven’t completed the journey. Kajabi can help with that! 



What is gamification?

It’s when you create a system to add a competitive element – even if they are just competing against their ability to procrastinate. 

So how do we gamify your course? There are many options! 

One way would be to create a points system and add some points for each completed lesson, homework, or even some extra credit. Then, those points can enter them into a drawing or redeem a coupon code for the next level! 

On the completion of lessons, you can give rewards of special content just for them.

Depending on how long the course is, you could give periodic prizes. 

If you want to make it more competitive, have a leaderboard. 


At a loss for ideas?

If you are not sure what may help engage your students to keep moving forward, ask those who have already completed – you should be talking to them anyway! But, if you are not, we need to talk. I can help you understand what your students really want.

With some of my clients, their students would give almost anything for a private session! 

The possibilities to reward are endless. 



You can still do these things with evergreen courses. The rewards do not have to be group-oriented.

Most of your students want to feel connected to you and in being a part of your program. At a minimum, your students need to know that you are aware of their progress. Here’s how to do that –


Engagement Automation 

Ok, so you are rewarding your students, but what about those who are not progressing. Not only do they need to be reminded of the value they will receive by continuing your course, but they need to know that you are aware of where they are. So how do we do that? 


It’s all in the tagging and email sequencing, and it goes like this –


  1. When they purchase the course, they are tagged. So let’s call this one MC-New, as in “my course – newbie.” 
  2. When they complete the first lesson, we untag them removing MC-New and tagging them with MC-1.

Do this for all the levels. 

Email Sequence

Then you create the email sequencing. Each level has a sequence, and its tag is its only trigger.

The first email will say, “congrats on completing this lesson!” It’s not the only one tho! 

The next email that may go out in 3 days will ask how things are going. It will remind them of what they are gaining from this lesson and how to confirm that they are on the right path. 

You can have as many emails as you want, checking in periodically, reminding them of rewards they will reap, the journey they are working through, and all that is ahead of them as long as they keep moving forward. 

I hope this has given you ideas for upping your game and the growth of your students. Let’s talk about it. We’re happy to discuss your Kajabi setup and how we can move it forward.


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Hire a specialist for my Kajabi site

Should I hire a specialist for my Kajabi Site Management?Kajabi help, Kajabi Expert, Kajabi Pro

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform to run your digital course and coaching business. It’s a leader in the market because you can run your business without using third-party services.  On Kajabi, build your website and your sales funnels with landing pages, opt-in forms, checkouts, bundles of products, and even countdown timers. It’s even possible to trigger email sequences and other automation. We are Kajabi experts and can help you with any questions you have!

The amazing thing about Kajabi is that you can build your entire business on Kajabi. I used to be wary of such a thing because you can’t do everything perfectly. But when you have ten different services that do things perfectly, and you have to tie them together with Zapier, it brings the quality way down and the time and money spent way up.

I used to live and breathe integrations, troubleshooting and chasing the processes, and finally pinpointing the error. I love tech and the puzzles it brings, but it doesn’t add up when you are growing your business to 6 and 7-figures.


Kajabi is an All-in-One platform. 

The paragraphs above are a huge reason why that is good, but what does it mean?

Kajabi can take the place of your website, email marketing tool, sales funnel, pipeline or e-commerce tool, course management system, your membership system and community, and even your event registration tool.

Add that up! And there is no time to integrate all these things! They all are connected already.

So now that the tech is much smoother, why would you still hire a Kajabi Expert?

Do you ever dive into something and realize that it is much more complex than you thought?


Kajabi is a beast and I mean that in the best possible way.

It does a lot! When managing a Kajabi site, you still need to design the website and landing pages. An email marketing strategy is necessary, and all those emails need to be designed and scheduled. Sales funnels, opt-in forms, and email sequences need to be created for your freebies and courses. And that’s not all!

We all know that doing what you love makes you more productive and more profitable! Sticking within your skillset and passion allows you to get very good at what you do, while diving off into things you do not love doing makes you frustrated and far less profitable.


Kajabi Help

A Kajabi management team or specialist understands how the different parts of Kajabi work together. We live immersed in the work you need to be done. What takes a specialist an hour to do because they are familiar, knowledgable, and comfortable with all the aspects may take someone unfamiliar 4 hours or more.

So say, “Don’t take me away from growing my business!” and spend those four or more hours doing what you do best and improving your profit margin.

Are you ready to make more money doing what you love? Then, schedule a call, and let’s talk about it.

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Should I use ThriveCart with Kajabi?

I’ve taken a couple of roles where the clients have ended up with Kajabi and ThriveCart and wonder why they need both. There are a few reasons to use ThriveCart with Kajabi. It’s great to understand the differences between these services and how you can use them together – and I have the notes to share! 

Let’s take a look at ThriveCart first.


What is ThriveCart?

ThriveCart is a service that helps you build sales funnels and order pages for offering your digital and physical products. 

It doesn’t connect natively to Kajabi, so we have to use Zapier to grant the offers or submit a form with additional information to my clients’ Kajabi sites.


The Upsides

Currently, the price of ThriveCart is a one-time fee. At either $500 or $700, you pay no more!

With ThriveCart, you have all payment options on the same checkout page, which is something I prefer compared to Kajabi. You don’t have to create a landing page to choose between annual and monthly. Instead, the checkout page will offer all payment options for that product. Overall, ThriveCart offers a nicer checkout experience. 

ThriveCart has more suggestive buying. The upsell, downsell, and order bumps are all easy to set up. This makes sense since converting is what ThriveCart is all about!

It also integrates with Google Sheets, so you can easily automate a spreadsheet for easy review of sales for a campaign. 

ThriveCart does fixed commissions or percentages as opposed to Kajabi’s percentages only. 

You can take it to the next level with Joint Venture management.


The Downsides

One of my biggest peeves is the zaps. There can be a lot of Zaps! With some clients, we must upgrade during an event month, but you can downgrade a couple of weeks later. 

There can also be quite a bit of time setting up the zaps depending on how many products and offers you have. It’s not something you want to use when offering unique payment plans to individuals. 

Of course, all the zapping comes after you’ve created the products and offers within Kajabi and the products in ThriveCart! 

After the purchase, the product and offer will look like it was free when you look at it from within Kajabi. Kajabi should never be your go-to financial system, but it is nice to have it show paid when it is an “all-in-one” platform. Some people do not want to jump around multiple systems. 


So do we want to use ThriveCart with Kajabi? 

Well, it depends. What are your priorities? 

After weighing the points above, how do you feel about it?

If your priority is to have a great sales funnel and convert leads, and you are willing to take the time to set up the ThriveCart products and the zaps to go with them, do it! If you want to create high converting cart pages, upsells & affiliate campaigns with ease check out ThriveCart today.

If you feel that Kajabi does well enough and keeps everything in one place, then that’s where it’s at for you!  

We’d love to chat with you about the best for your sales funnel. Let’s hop on a quick call to discuss your next steps. Book a free 15-minute call right here.

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Can CoachAccountable do it all?

When looking for a platform to support your business, finding the right fit takes time and some trial and error. There’s hopeful testing and shiny things that aren’t the right fit FOR ME.

And as one of my coaches says, you don’t know what to google if you don’t know about it. 

That was true when my client, Shannon, wanted to improve her day-to-day and her clients’ journey by having more automated processes to make repetitive tasks as hands-off as possible.

At Matter of the Heart, Shannon King offers coaching for singles and couples by combining over 30 years of law enforcement experience, a thriving and fulfilling marriage, and her triumph over trauma to share her expertise in resilience-building and wellness and their role in a resilient relationship.

Her top objectives were to 

  1. Create processes with minimal interaction.
  2. Design a clear and simple customer journey.
  3. Clients can easily find where to schedule appointments.


Her must-have pieces to the puzzle were

  1. Payments or Invoicing
  2. Scheduling with Zoom link automation
  3. Contracts
  4. Forms


Business needs

These are everyday business needs anymore, but not many services do all of these well enough. The trick is to weigh the needs and piece them together as smoothly as possible. 

So did I plan to use multiple services? Yes.

So what are my favorites?

Payments or Invoicing

We do not want Shannon to be tracking monthly coaching payments or waiting to begin coaching someone until they have paid. Payments upon registration are my preference. I’d prefer a service where we can embed the package into landing page!


Scheduling with a zoom link automation

Many services offer this now. Calendly or Squarespace Scheduling (aka Acuity) are both my top choices when needing an external option. Choosing between those is dependent on how you can best use the various functionalities. 

But, if a service can offer scheduling with it’s other client services, that’s even better. Usually, they’re not quite as simple to use, but it’s down to what your needs and priorities are. 



It’s so convenient when a service includes contracts! But usually, they don’t offer two or more signers. With Shannon’s relationship coaching services, she needs two signers plus herself. 

17hats does do this! It is pretty nice to use and has flexible workflows. 



Shannon uses a lot of worksheets within her coaching model, and then there were standard forms, like intake forms. I worked over a decade at a web form company – I know how ‘smart’ forms can be, and they usually aren’t very smart unless you are working with a service like FormAssembly or JotForm. 



Many other items can be added to the wishlist when picking a service to be the backbone of your business, and we had two that deserved to be on the must-haves list. 

  • Self-service returning-client package purchasing
  • Session tracking


Making the Move

After beginning setup on another service, we heard about CoachAccountable. We first tried it out under someone else’s group account, which didn’t allow us to use it to its full potential, so we quickly switched gears and created our own account to do some testing. 

We created packages for each type of coaching at different price points and payment structures. We then tied those in with the scheduler for the right appointment type and any initial forms to be filled out. 

The one gap we had was multiple signers on a contract. So we went with Docusign. We would love to move this too to CoachAccountable as soon as they create this functionality, but until then, we have a little manual step for each new client or couple. 

Overall our process is coming together well!


Here’s a sample process

With CoachAccountable, your prospective client experience can begin at your website where they book their discovery call with the embedded calendar.

After the discovery call, you’ll direct the new client to the correct booking page where they will

  1. choose their payment schedule
  2. Complete their intake form
  3. Schedule the intake call
  4. Sign the agreement (since we need multiple signatures we are using Docusign for this part)
  5. We can then schedule sessions for several months out to be ahead of the game. 


    Big Pros

    Some of the pluses with CoachAccountable are really flexible notifications – and I love how you can set it up to notify you that a client has missed scheduling their next session or if the package is coming to an end. 

    They easily integrate with Zoom, Stripe, and paypal. 

    There are courses and homework that you can easily set up for your client as well as notes and other engagement tools.


    The Cons

    It is active client-based pricing, so if you are not actively coaching someone, deactivate!

    It does look a little square and could use some modern UI updates. A lot is going on in there, so simplicity with modern design changes would be helpful.



    I think it is a very helpful option for coaches who want to help keep their clients engaged and not spread themselves too thin with several different services to run their business.

    We’d love to chat with you about getting your processes streamlined and efficient. Let’s hop on a quick call to discuss your next steps. Book a free 15-minute call right here.


    Set your Kajabi Pipelines into action

    Set your Kajabi Pipelines into action

    If you are new to Kajabi, you’ll need to get up to speed on the terminology and functionality! I’ll help you break it down and understand how to piece the various parts together in a sales funnel – or marketing pipeline as they say in Kajabi. 

    The pipelines will help you adopt the inherent flow of the various pieces and they have some great starter templates to help get you going. 

    Let’s set the mood with a senario that you can relate to. 


    You are launching a course. You have a 3-video lead magnet to warm folks up and get them up to speed where your course takes off. 

    Your goal is to get people to: 

    • Sign up for your freebie. 
    • Get them to your website
    • Educate your visitors on what you do and how you can help them
    • Help them understand the basics of your work
    • Sign up for your course. 


    The Flow

    The components of your Kajabi flow all come together in the pipeline. You’ll want to create the product and offer before hand and fill them in as you set up the pipeline. 

    • Opt-in form for the freebie, your pre-launch content 
    • PLC Landing Page
    • Nurture emails
    • Sales page
    • Offer
    • Product
    • Emails 

    The Product Launch OVO pipeline template in Kajabi is a great place to start!

    Let’s break it down


    You’ll need a freebie (aka lead magnet) setup to take emails and nurture your clients-to-be. I have a couple of previous articles to help you think through getting started on your content as well as thinking through the backend.  

    In the freebie process, you have a landing page with an opt-in form, an automated email sequence, and a landing page to present your content, whether it is a video or a file to download.

    Many of the pipeline templates have a landing page with the opt-in ready for you to customize! It’s a great place to start.


    Moving into the sales phase

    That email sequence mentioned above is going to lead your hot leads right into learning more about your work, this is their free sample and you need to take advantage of this time. Make sure this content is helping them perceive your value!

    This is the PLC, the pre-launch content and you will need landing pages to contain this content.

    At the end of your freebie and email sequence, you’ll, present the next step of your pipeline to the sales page where you show the value of your offering. 


    The Offer

    An offer is the pricing structure. Are you accepting payments over a couple of months? Or will they pay in full? 

    In Kajabi, each option needs its own offer. You can create one offer and then copy it to create a different payment option. 


    Offer Automation

    Each offer can have its own automations. I always use the offer automations to tag the buyers and to grant offers among other products as needed. 

    If you are offering an early bird offer with special bonuses, use tags to group these people to make them easy to find so you can grant those bonuses later on. 

    I like doing my post-purchase email in the automations, too. I find them easier to work with and more reliable.


    If you build it, they will come! 

    This is the backbone of your launch and will take your leads step by step. It’s an exciting process to implement! We’re here to help you find your traction. If you’re not sure where to start, let meet for a launch process audit! Click here to schedule. 


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