Unveiling the Power of Email Campaign Revenue

Unveiling the Power of Email Campaign Revenue

Unveiling the Power of Email Campaign Revenue

by Hillary Sciscoe


Are you ready to immediately know which email in your email campaign led to the most sales?

Kajabi has introduced a feature that unveils the financial fruits of your labor and connects them to your content efforts.

You have many rewards in your work, like seeing your clients become healthier humans, growing and transforming their minds and bodies, and moving forward in ways they did not think were possible. And to help more people, you need to grow your business by doing things that work!! Right!? So, how do you know what works? 

This guide will help you understand the power of net revenue and how it can elevate your business growth journey through your email campaigns.

Maximizing Your ROI with Kajabi

With net revenue attributions in emails, you have a clear view of the financial blessings that coincide with the communication with your audience.

True Reflection of Email Campaign Revenue

Net revenue is the full exchange of your services. It represents your income after accounting for refunds and discounts, encapsulating the energy exchanged, wisdom shared, and transformations ignited by your teachings.

Attribution of email Campaign Revenue

Net revenue attribution considers the journey of your subscribers as they navigate your email content. It showcases the wealth generated by which email link your audience clicked on before purchasing, showing the connection between your content and the impact of each specific email. 

*Shortened or unrelated links are not part of this journey and will not be attributed.

The Seven-Day Grace Period

Within seven days, the ripple effect continues. Net revenue accounts for those inspired by your emails, who take action by clicking and then purchasing within seven days.

This attribution isn’t limited to a single email format. It extends to  Broadcasts, Sequences, individual emails within a Sequence, and Event emails. 

With net revenue attributions in emails, you can clearly view the financial blessings that coincide with your communication with your audience. 

Ready to Maximize Your Kajabi ROI?

Let’s chat about your Kajabi strategy and support needs. Schedule a call today to review your use of Kajabi and explore how you can further elevate your journey with potential. We’re here to help you realize it.


Kajabi Email Marketing

Kajabi Email Marketing

basic segmenting in Kajabi

The most basic practice of email marketing is not sending a sales email to someone that has already purchased the product you are highlighting. This is super easy to do in Kajabi! And one reason I love all-in-one platforms – no integrations or hours of troubleshooting and testing. It all just works – because it’s all in the same system. So there is no excuse to send someone an email that would just annoy them – to them it looks like you just aren’t paying attention. I personally only try to pay people that are paying attention….

So what is the goal we want to focus our efforts towards?  

The goal is to send fewer emails to everyone and the right emails to the right people.

Kajabi has strong email marketing functionality, allowing you flexibility and power over exactly who you send an email to. 

If you are sending the same email to everyone on your list, it’s time to understand the different personalities of your audience.

Once you get specifics of who your clients are, you can use Kajabi’s functionality to its fullest potential!  


Client Data

First, you need to get details of your clients into Kajabi. There are different types of data to get, too. Earlier, I mentioned 2 different types: one has to do with a transaction, and the other would be based on who the client is. 

Here’s a huge tip – Always ask for their first name!! Do this on every form opportunity. A big purpose of email marketing segmentation is to make the emails personalized. You want them to feel like a conversation – like you are speaking directly to them. If you have no first name, take away a point on personalization! 

Let’s review a few data types.

Behavioral Segmenting in Email Marketing

A great place to get started is by adding automations into your marketing funnel emails. For instance, when someone clicks on a link in your email to a sales or opt-in page, you know they have some interest. That is important to know, and you can use that to speak more personally to them. 

You can use the automations within the email functionality to tag them with the theme of that set of offerings.

Doing so allows you to send them a message more specific to people who you know like __________. (You fill in the blank.) 

Transactional Segmenting in Email Marketing

Kajabi makes it a simple step to exclude those who have already purchased a product. You do not want to send them the email if they have already bought it, right?! There is a better fit for them from your offerings – or it’s time to make one. If you have a next step for them to progress to, you send them that information instead, when it’s the right time.

You don’t need to do anything to set that up – you just need to use take the time to exclude when setting up an email. One way is using a custom segment, like below.


custom segment

Creating Personas

Creating a customer persona is all about understanding your client, which helps understand what they are looking for. You can do this by asking questions. That can either be on a form, like a registration or opt-in form (this is where you add a first name in).

A popular method of asking questions is with a quiz, which may mean sending their answers into Kajabi through an integration. 

You will store all these details on the contact record in Kajabi. 

Kajabi contacts are a bit… messy, so it’s not where I would want manually/visually have to look at details about individual contacts. Still, when you can send an email to only those who said “yes” to a specific custom field, it’s amazing! 


Multiple Data Points

There are times when you need to define the email’s audience with multiple different points. 

So let’s say you want to send someone an email, but they need to have all these points:

  • They said “yes” to that specific custom field.
  • They have never been a participant in x course.
  • They are tagged with x because they clicked to watch a video about x.

This example uses all three 3 data types we discussed above, and you can create a custom filter for this email.

But wait – Are you going to send this grouping of data points only one time, or is this something you can use over and over again?

If so, you can save it as a custom segment. Then, you do not need to redo it every time you want to send an email to this segment. 

The people in that segment will change from month to month, or at least we hope so! New subscribers will say “yes” and click to watch the video. This will add them to the segment. But then, they will purchase x offering down the road and no longer get those emails. 


There’s so much more to email marketing in Kajabi! We’ll dive in further soon.

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Level Up your Kajabi Course Engagement

Level Up your Kajabi Course Engagement

Kajabi Coaching

You’ve created multiple levels of courses that flow so well for your student experience. It’s a natural progression, and those that go through all the levels love what you have created. You have helped them grow, expand, and heal.

So now that you have brought your vision to life, it’s time to focus on those who haven’t completed the journey. Kajabi can help with that! 



What is gamification?

It’s when you create a system to add a competitive element – even if they are just competing against their ability to procrastinate. 

So how do we gamify your course? There are many options! 

One way would be to create a points system and add some points for each completed lesson, homework, or even some extra credit. Then, those points can enter them into a drawing or redeem a coupon code for the next level! 

On the completion of lessons, you can give rewards of special content just for them.

Depending on how long the course is, you could give periodic prizes. 

If you want to make it more competitive, have a leaderboard. 


At a loss for ideas?

If you are not sure what may help engage your students to keep moving forward, ask those who have already completed – you should be talking to them anyway! But, if you are not, we need to talk. I can help you understand what your students really want.

With some of my clients, their students would give almost anything for a private session! 

The possibilities to reward are endless. 



You can still do these things with evergreen courses. The rewards do not have to be group-oriented.

Most of your students want to feel connected to you and in being a part of your program. At a minimum, your students need to know that you are aware of their progress. Here’s how to do that –


Engagement Automation 

Ok, so you are rewarding your students, but what about those who are not progressing. Not only do they need to be reminded of the value they will receive by continuing your course, but they need to know that you are aware of where they are. So how do we do that? 


It’s all in the tagging and email sequencing, and it goes like this –


  1. When they purchase the course, they are tagged. So let’s call this one MC-New, as in “my course – newbie.” 
  2. When they complete the first lesson, we untag them removing MC-New and tagging them with MC-1.

Do this for all the levels. 

Email Sequence

Then you create the email sequencing. Each level has a sequence, and its tag is its only trigger.

The first email will say, “congrats on completing this lesson!” It’s not the only one tho! 

The next email that may go out in 3 days will ask how things are going. It will remind them of what they are gaining from this lesson and how to confirm that they are on the right path. 

You can have as many emails as you want, checking in periodically, reminding them of rewards they will reap, the journey they are working through, and all that is ahead of them as long as they keep moving forward. 

I hope this has given you ideas for upping your game and the growth of your students. Let’s talk about it. We’re happy to discuss your Kajabi setup and how we can move it forward.


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Is it time to move my coaching to Kajabi?

Is it time to move my coaching to Kajabi?

Kajabi Coaching

Is it time to move my coaching to Kajabi? Kajabi help, Kajabi Expert, Kajabi Pro

You use Kajabi for almost everything; why not your coaching too!? 


Kajabi is amazing, as we all know! It handles our landing page, our sales funnels, our email marketing, and even our affiliate commissions. When an all-in-one platform adds a whole new module like this, it is something to celebrate! 


But is the new coaching feature right for me?

If you do 1:1 coaching, it can work great for you! Here’s why:

You can set up single-session or multi-session packages. 

Create your packages however you like: 4 sessions, 18 sessions… what works best for you? 

Each session has a link to book. Your clients can login to their portal and book each session. 

It integrates directly with Calendly, but you can add a link to any scheduling system like Acuity. 

Add agenda points for each session.

It’s handy to track process! In addition, you can add attachments and notes for each session, and your clients can, too! It’s their personal portal, and it will limit the back-and-forth emails. 

You can bundle it with other products! 

You don’t have to sell your coaching through a different source than your courses. Sell coaching sessions with your course!! Or even better as an upsell. 

You may be asking – What about group coaching?

Well, they’re not there yet. This is just the beginning of Kajabi Coaching! It will only get better from here by listening to your suggestions and needs. Use it and let them know how to make it grow in the right direction for you.  


Other questions you may be asking –

Is there an additional cost? 

No! It is a part of the all-in-one platform, and you get it all!

Do coaching packages count towards my plan’s product limit?

Yes! You’ll need to count these toward the total products you offer. 

Can someone repurchase the same coaching product?

Yes! They will not get the same warning as the course product, saying that they already own it. 

Are you ready to make more money doing what you love? Then, schedule a call, and let’s talk about it. We can help you take your business to the next level with Kajabi. We are fun and easy to work with and we are lead by your vision!


Kajabi is an all-in-one platform to run your digital course and coaching business. It’s a leader in the market because you can run your business without using third-party services.  On Kajabi, build your website and your sales funnels with landing pages, opt-in forms, checkouts, bundles of products, and even countdown timers. It’s even possible to trigger email sequences and other automation. We are Kajabi experts and can help you with any questions you have!

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Hire a specialist for my Kajabi site

Hire a specialist for my Kajabi site

Should I hire a specialist for my Kajabi Site Management?Kajabi help, Kajabi Expert, Kajabi Pro

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform to run your digital course and coaching business. It’s a leader in the market because you can run your business without using third-party services.  On Kajabi, build your website and your sales funnels with landing pages, opt-in forms, checkouts, bundles of products, and even countdown timers. It’s even possible to trigger email sequences and other automation. We are Kajabi experts and can help you with any questions you have!

The amazing thing about Kajabi is that you can build your entire business on Kajabi. I used to be wary of such a thing because you can’t do everything perfectly. But when you have ten different services that do things perfectly, and you have to tie them together with Zapier, it brings the quality way down and the time and money spent way up.

I used to live and breathe integrations, troubleshooting and chasing the processes, and finally pinpointing the error. I love tech and the puzzles it brings, but it doesn’t add up when you are growing your business to 6 and 7-figures.


Kajabi is an All-in-One platform. 

The paragraphs above are a huge reason why that is good, but what does it mean?

Kajabi can take the place of your website, email marketing tool, sales funnel, pipeline or e-commerce tool, course management system, your membership system and community, and even your event registration tool.

Add that up! And there is no time to integrate all these things! They all are connected already.

So now that the tech is much smoother, why would you still hire a Kajabi Expert?

Do you ever dive into something and realize that it is much more complex than you thought?


Kajabi is a beast and I mean that in the best possible way.

It does a lot! When managing a Kajabi site, you still need to design the website and landing pages. An email marketing strategy is necessary, and all those emails need to be designed and scheduled. Sales funnels, opt-in forms, and email sequences need to be created for your freebies and courses. And that’s not all!

We all know that doing what you love makes you more productive and more profitable! Sticking within your skillset and passion allows you to get very good at what you do, while diving off into things you do not love doing makes you frustrated and far less profitable.


Kajabi Help

A Kajabi management team or specialist understands how the different parts of Kajabi work together. We live immersed in the work you need to be done. What takes a specialist an hour to do because they are familiar, knowledgable, and comfortable with all the aspects may take someone unfamiliar 4 hours or more.

So say, “Don’t take me away from growing my business!” and spend those four or more hours doing what you do best and improving your profit margin.

Are you ready to make more money doing what you love? Then, schedule a call, and let’s talk about it.

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Kajabi Event Countdown Timer

Kajabi Event Countdown Timer

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform to run your digital course and coaching business. It’s a leader in the market because you can run your business without using third-party services.  On Kajabi, build your website and your sales funnels with landing pages, opt-in forms, checkouts, bundles of products, and even countdown timers. It’s even possible to trigger email sequences and other automation. We are Kajabi experts and can help you with any questions you have!

I’ve heard complaints about it not being possible to create campaigns in Kajabi. How it would be so nice to group the emails for a launch or special event. OK, it’s not just that I had heard it, but I had said it! One day it smacked me in the head and my lightbulb turned on. Since I’d been part of a few of these discussions when I was new to using Kajabi, I know there are more people that do not realize how to group these emails together so I’ve got to share! 

I used the keyword above….

Events are under the marketing tab in Kajabi. 


So why would we want to use Events?

I happened into events because I needed a countdown timer and from there I learned how useful they are. 

When you would like to send a triggered sequence of emails off without having to set up a bunch of separate emails, you can use events. 

First, you’ll need to get people registered for your event, which you can grant through an offer, by an opt-in form, or anywhere there is automation. Once they are registered, they will get all the emails set up for the event. 

The first one can be set up for “at the time of registration” and they’ll get it as soon as they are granted the event registration through any automation. 

Setting up your other emails is easy using the time filters provided, like sending one 4-days before the event to remind everyone of the plan, or an upsell opportunity 2-days after the event. 

Kajabi Event Email

The Flow

So set up your event, and your offer or opt-in, and get that countdown timer into your landing page. 

The countdown can disappear when it is over or you can have Kajabi redirect to a new landing page for the next phase of your launch.

The more people who complete your program can tell others what a difference you have made in their life!

Let us help you make it easier for them to complete each module and be your advocate.

Kajabi Event Email

We’d love to chat with you about the best options for your sales funnel. Let’s hop on a quick call to discuss your next steps. Book a free 15-minute call right here.

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