Client Onboarding Processes

Your clients deserve the same experience during the sign up and onboarding process as the high-touch care you provide for them.

What if they were automated emails for the next steps?
What if processes were simplified to take minimal time for you and your clients?
What if you could be hands-off during the signup process?
Are you still making your clients print and sign?
Are your client files secure and accessible?

These are not things that you need on your daily to do list. Our work will relieve you of that not-wanting-to-look-at-your-inbox feeling and leave you with time to care for your clients and do the more important things you have on your list.

Provide a professional onboarding experience for your clients.

Use the Cloud to your advantage.

Cloud systems integrate. They talk to each other and make data easier to get to. Knowing how to make them communicate, leading to the outcome you want, is our specialty.

Client Onboarding Starter Package

Turn 3 of your package registrations into professional, no-touch processes.

With this option, a no-effort process benefits you and the client with registration, payment, the discovery form, and first session scheduled.

Possible pieces to this process include digital registration or agreement form, payment, signed electronic documents, initial scheduling, and emails to keep everything on track.

This package includes:

  • In-depth review of current process and budget for process improvements.
  • Setup of new processes and software applications, and integrations.
  • Video overview updates of process status.
  • Weekly meetings.

View add-on package below for further options.

* Cost of third-party applications are not included in this rate.

Client Onboarding Starter Package Price


Next-Level Add-On

Landing pages and graphics and extended support – Oh my!

Let’s take it to the next level with this add-on.

This add-on includes an updated landing page and graphics for your packages. And support for you when working through unexpected process needs.

Add-on includes:

  • A landing page showcasing 3 packages.
  • A custom banner graphic for each package.
  • 1 month of post-project email support for software troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • 3 hours of post-project process maintenance.

*Must purchase Client Onboarding Starter Package

Add-On Price