Craft a Progression of Offerings That Transforms Lives

(Free Template available!)

Are you a purpose-driven business owner helping others live their best lives?

Here’s how to create a powerful progression of offerings that guides your clients to overcome challenges and achieve lasting transformation.

A template to create a meaningful progression of offerings.

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Do you dream of empowering your clients to truly thrive? Many holistic and purpose-driven brands struggle with aligning their offerings into a cohesive journey that fosters massive transformation.

This is where our FREE Meaningful Progression of Offerings template comes in. It helps you create a Progression of Offerings by:

  • Mapping out your ideal client’s journey: Understand their struggles, desires, and key milestones.
  • Crafting a strategic sequence of offerings: Develop a clear progression from freebie to high-ticket program that seamlessly addresses their needs at each step.
  • Creating a nurturing flow: Guide your clients with valuable content and build trust, leading them towards your paid offerings naturally.

Imagine the impact you can make when your offerings act as stepping stones on your client’s path to a brighter future. They’ll feel supported, empowered, and ultimately achieve the transformation you’ve designed to help them reach.

Download your FREE Progression of Offerings Template now!

Bonus: Get instant access to a library of resources designed to help purpose-driven brands like yours flourish.

Who is this for?

This template is perfect for coaches, healers, course creators, and any business owner who wants to:

  • Deepen client relationships
  • Increase the impact of their offerings
  • Boost sales and conversions naturally

Stop feeling frustrated that your offerings aren’t connecting.

Download the template today and start creating a client journey that truly transforms lives!


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