Voice of Customer

Gathering Client Feedback

It’s time to truly understand what makes your clients happy.

It’s always important to understand your customer’s needs, whether you’re a solopreneur or a software executive. While it’s easy to assume you know what they feel, what they need, and how loyal they are, the best decisions are made when they are supported with data.

Finding trends within your customer journey will help drive a data-proven direction for your roadmap.

From discovery to repeating purchases, the customer journey is filled with opportunities for feedback. Our goal is to get most to the advocacy stage. To do that, they must know you listen and understand their direction and needs.

Collect Feedback

At which part of the customer journey should you collect feedback?

There are many ways to collect feedback. Should you have a form on your website, send emails, or a feedback option as part of your online process?

There is much to be captured during the sales process, through your customer service or support channels, partner network, and the cancellation or renewal process.

Recurring Surveys are an option, too. Here are a few of the most popular.

Customer Satisfaction

It’s important to meet your customer’s expectations just as much as it is important to set the right expectations for their experience with your brand. If you’re not hearing about their experience, you are missing out!


Take the temperature of your customers. The Net Promoter Score® (NPS) helps distinguish the advocates from those at risk of not renewing or repurchasing.


Focus on improving a single aspect of your product or services. The customer effort score (CES) will help you pinpoint and monitor a single action or process by asking your customer to gauge their effort.

Unsure of what feedback you should be collecting and when? We can help!

Categorize and Analyze Feedback

We’ll help you decide the best way to categorize your feedback.

What are your larger customers needing?

What are the hottest topics being ask for?

Small businesses often need help to collect feedback through out the customer journey, organize the data, or analyze to understand the ARR behind big requests.

Your UXDs and PMs do not have time to go through all your feedback. That doesn’t mean it should be tossed into a black hole or the backlog. Funneling ideas through feedback is a great way to keep your backlog clean.

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