Harmony Virtual Solutions

What is Harmony Virtual Solutions? Harmony Virtual Solutions is a technical project management business owned and operated by solopreneur Hillary Sciscoe. Please visit the services link in the navigation above to learn more about the service offered.

Who are the partners of HVS? Hillary partners with a network of Certified Virtual Experts®, who are each skilled in their own niche and market, proving you with the best results for your goals.

What are the goals of HVS? Harmony Virtual Solutions primary focus in the experience of the customer. That means you and your customers. By creating automated processes, educating, and creating engaging environments, we can ensure that everyone’s time is used wisely and they are excited for the next step.

Who are your perfect clients? We want to work with solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and brands who are doing work from their heart. They may coach others through hard times, support their community, the environment, or work in health and wellness.
  • Do you love working with passionate, driven, and respectful people that have a big heart?
  • Are you always learning and improving yourself, your business, and the world?
  • Do you get excited about new opportunities and new adventures?
  • Are you looking for someone to simplify your systems while you focus on your work in helping others?
If this sounds like you, let’s chat!

Why should I trust you with my brand? Before we do anything, we get to know you, your business, your brand, and your voice. We take time to learn about your customers and your processes. We want to represent you in a way that keeps me invisible and the spotlight on you.

We know that your brand is unique and truly believe in what you are doing. I’ll build a unique strategy to drive your business forward.

I’m overwhelmed by all my day-to-day tasks. Can you help? Yes! Maybe you love writing blogs or taking photos. That’s great – keep doing what you love! You decide what you like and what you want to delegate. From there, we work with your chosen platforms and strengthen your business.

Do you write a copy? Yes, we have partners that will write, edit, and proof your copy.

Do you offer branding or graphics? Yes, we are available to assist with branding and graphics.

Are you familiar with the health and wellness industry? Yes! From natural health infusions to yoga instruction, taking blood pressure for cardiac patients to belly dance aerobics, we am well versed! Not to mention the many visits to chiropractors and massage therapists, which is some of our best spent time and money!

We are passionate about health and wellness, which is why we’ve chosen to focus our energy here. When we are passionate about something, work is fun and we are motivated, right? We love knowing that our work helps those in need of your services find you.

Technical Project Management

What is technical project manager? A technical project manager plans, schedules, and manages IT-related projects.

What kind of experience does a technical project manager usually have? The possibilities are endless and growing with new technologies coming out all the time and a continuously changing world. As a TPM, Hillary has experience in hardware and software installations and upgrades, app integrations, process creation and automation, communication, brainstorming, team management, delegation, and various other skills.

Schedule a 30 call and let’s chat. I’m excited to learn about you, your business, and your goals.