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We believe in aligning our values and living those attributes daily.

Company Values



We act with the consideration of others and enjoy the same treatment. We love to be comfortable communicating our thoughts, ideas, and feelings and want you to feel the same.


We will make every effort to make the best choices in the interest of your company’s future vision.


We will always be open and honest about our work and direction.


We will help you with the excitement of the future, try new things, and look for better solutions.

Persistence and Perseverance

We will work to bring your vision to life. No matter the bumps in the road, we will work together and find the best direction.


Very rarely is something complete, so it’s a natural cycle to re-evaluate and improve every aspect of our life and business.


We love to partner with leaders who help others live their best life. Our clients are amazing women who are coaches, healers, and therapists, leaders who are unapologetic for their strengths and willing to help others with their whole hearts.

She’s [Hillary] awesome sauce – dependable, organized, thoughtful, takes the bull by the horns.

Patty Lennon

Intuitive Coach, Make Space for Magic

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