An Approach to Holistic Marketing

by Hillary Sciscoe


Do you often find yourself juggling limited resources while striving to make a meaningful impact?

From Funnel to Flywheel

What if there was a client-centered approach to holistic marketing that could unlock remarkable results, even on a shoestring budget? Let’s check out the flywheel model – it’s a game-changer for heart-centered service-based entrepreneurs ready to revolutionize their marketing strategies.

The flywheel has been around a couple of decades now and I learned about it when I was in the SaaS world – Software as a Service, subscription-based software. And it’s time more small business owners were aware.

Loving Community

Focus on Existing Customers

At the heart of the flywheel model lies a simple heart-centered concept: prioritize delighting your existing customers.

This means personalized interactions, exceptional (often overdelivering) service, and proactive communication that transforms clients into enthusiastic advocates. By actively seeking feedback and implementing it, you demonstrate genuine care and build lasting relationships.

Loyalty Programs & Community Building

In the flywheel universe, loyalty is the currency of choice. Reward returning customers with irresistible incentives like discounts, exclusive offers, or early access to new services. But why stop there? Forge a loyal community around your brand through engaging events, workshops, or online forums. This not only fosters trust but also creates a tribe of devoted supporters.

Holistic Marketing: Content & Social Media

Ah, the power of content – a mighty force in the flywheel’s arsenal. Harness organic reach by sharing helpful content, answering burning questions on social media, and offering free webinars or consultations. Collaborate with like-minded businesses for cross-promotion, amplifying your message to new audiences. And let’s not forget the magic of customer stories – authentic testimonials and case studies that speak volumes.

Building Momentum

Embarking on the flywheel journey may seem daunting, but fear not – starting small is key. Focus on mastering one or two flywheel activities before adding more complexity. Embrace the abundance of free tools available, from freemium marketing automation platforms to social media scheduling wizards. And don’t forget to track and analyze key metrics to refine your approach over time.


So, what’s the trick? There’s not one. 

Be genuine, transparent, and focused on providing real value to your clients. Start with what you have, leveraging your existing skills, resources, and network to your advantage. And above all, keep your gaze fixed on long-term growth – for in the flywheel’s steady spin lies the promise of sustainable success.

So, are you ready to embrace the flywheel and unlock a world of possibilities? With a focus on customer delight, valuable content, and strategic leveraging of resources, you’re poised to set the wheel in motion. And with your heart driving, the possibilities are unlimited!

Are you confident in who you are speaking to? If not, take advantage of our Ideal Client Workbook. It’s free to download and we’ll walk through it with you to help you build your own momentum and  align your strategy!  

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