I’m excited to announce our new monthly entrepreneur community.

Are you an entrepreneur who thrives on deep connections, both within yourself and with the world around you? Do you revel in the joy of exploring new possibilities that align seamlessly with your intuition? If so, I’m thrilled to introduce you to a vibrant and transformative space – Ground & Grow, the spiritually-driven business community!

In the hustle and flow of business, I’ve been guided to create a community where business owners and executives, much like yourself, can come together to ensure a smooth progression from one offering to the next. Our focus is on crafting an intuitive client journey, with a significant emphasis on the magic of funnel strategy.

Let’s ground, network, and grow together! This is perfect for spiritual, holistic, and heart-centered buisiness owners. 


“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” – Socrates

As entrepreneurs who already harness the power of intuition in our daily lives, it’s time to extend that gift into understanding our prospective clients’ journeys. And what better way to achieve this than through the camaraderie of a community? Welcome to Ground & Grow!

Being in a community means hearing different perspectives and understanding a wider view than your own. 


Why Join Us? 

🔮 Monthly Connection Rituals: Join us every third Thursday of the month for an enriching hour of connection, energy work, and business empowerment on Zoom! Start your session with a soulful journey, grounding yourself and connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs.

🚀 Elevated Networking: Forge meaningful connections that transcend the surface. Introduce yourself and your business to a dynamic group of entrepreneurs who understand the power of intuition in business. Expand your network with purpose and authenticity.

📚 Business Empowerment: Receive a quick but impactful business-related lesson on guiding your audience from awareness to becoming an advocate. Enhance your business strategy with practical insights that fuel your growth.

🗣️ Engage and Collaborate: Engage in guided discussions, exchange ideas, and explore collaborative opportunities with fellow entrepreneurs. This is more than a community – it’s a space where ideas flourish, and partnerships bloom.

🔥 Monthly Dose of Inspiration: Fuel your entrepreneurial spirit with a monthly dose of inspiration, motivation, and practical insights. Discover the extraordinary potential within you and your business.

Are you a visionary entrepreneur seeking a supportive community where intuition and business seamlessly merge? Look no further! The monthly Ground & Grow call is your key to unlocking the magic within you and propelling your business to new heights.

Ready to step into this transformative journey with us? Mark your calendar and join us for the next session!

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Let’s create, connect, and thrive together in the realm of intuitive entrepreneurship!

Meet your host, Hillary Sciscoe.