Maximize your ROI and use of the Kajabi platform. 

Kajabi Assessment


Want to convert more leads into clients and
create advocates from your programs?

Does it drive you crazy that your website is not being found?

Do you get frustrated when your conversion numbers are not as high as you expect?

Are you unsatisfied with your program completion rates?

Return more on your Kajabi investment with our
Kajabi Funnel to Fulfillment Assessment

You’ll have a clear roadmap to attract clients organically, and walk them step by step through your client journey by:

  • Optimizing your landing pages with simple SEO strategies.
  • Making it clear as to what your visitor’s next steps are. 
  • Ensuring you are making it easy to engage and tempting to get on your mailing list. 
  • Becoming aware of how you can personalize your email campaign audience making each person feel like you are talking directly to them.
  • Understanding how your clients are progressing through your programs and how to improve it to increase completion rates. 

What types of things are we looking at in the audit?

Are page layouts optimized for SEO?

Are the pain points, values, and benefits clearly defined?

Are CTAs clear and actionable? 

Which emails do the best? 

How are the courses structured? 

Are automations being used to save time and money? 

Are there upsell opportunities?

Kajabi Funnel to Fulfillment Assessment

Why do these things matter?

Using strategies to build your SEO will help bring the right audience to your website organically!  

We look at all three types of SEO:

On-page SEO

Off-page SEO

Technical SEO

Incoming clients will move forward when you are clear about what you do and their next steps.

By tying SEO Strategies in with clear, actionable steps, the right audience will become clients!

Getting attention and reengaging your audience with the right lead magnet will grow your list and re-kindle older interests.

Understand how to improve your email marketing by talking to the right people in your audience to increase engagement.

The more people who complete your program can tell others what a difference you have made in their life!

create advocates

Let us help you make it easier for your clients to
complete each module
and become your advocate!

Kajabi Funnel to Fulfillment Assessment

How does it work?

step 1: choose 3

Step 1: Book a call to discuss

Choose three products and their funnels (or related pages) for a complete review of your marketing funnels, with SEO optimization and design best practices and we will review them in our kick-off call.

step 2: We'll review and create a report

Step 2: We will analyze and provide a findings report including

Email sequences
Lead magnet delivery
Landing pages
Course Presentation

Step 3: call<br />

Step 3: Report of Findings call

We will hop on a call to review and let you know how to convert leads to clients and clients to advocates! 

Kajabi Funnel to Fulfillment Assessment

What is an average funnel?

Most funnels have 2 to 3 phases, beginning with a freebie or lead magnet and ending with a course or membership, for example. There could be a low-ticket middle phase, like a workshop.

Each funnel phase usually has a landing page, an opt-in or checkout, emails, and a value presented at the end.

What if I do not have funnels?

You can select products and freebies that fit together well, and we will review each separately. Our team will review up to 7 separate pieces in place of 3 funnel-to-fulfillment models.

How long will this process take?

It will take up to 2 weeks to make it into our workflow, then another two weeks to review all sections.

What if I don’t understand the findings report?

No worries needed! Will will have a one-hour call to review the findings and answer all of your questions.

I was looking for a "right hand" team member. Someone who could step in and run the day-to-day operations while also seeing 3-4 steps ahead and determining what would be needed (operations and outsourced ) to fulfill our vision for what is coming.

Hillary has given me the ability to let go thinking about day-to-day ops, given me a strong sense of being supported, and handled the reimagining of a membership program with very little effort on my part.

Patty Lennon

Founder of The Receiving School®, Author and Speaker, Make Space for Magic

Don't let your marketing efforts wander aimlessly. Embrace the power of a well-crafted plan to navigate the complex terrain with confidence. Contact us today to embark on a journey guided by strategy, purpose, and direction, and watch your business thrive.