Overwhelmed and behind on launching your course abd funnel in Kajabi?

 Are you putting a lot in and not getting anything out? Struggling to work through all the Kajabi features? You know you need a Funnel, and you’re not sure where to start?

We’ll guide your funnel optimizations for a clear, intuitive Client Journey.

Frustration-Free Funnels by Kajabi Specialists

Attract ➾ Engage ➾ Delight to turn Strangers into Promoters


So, what is an optimized funnel?


An optimized funnel:

  1. Sets a clear path from Awareness to Action.
  2. Aligns your offerings to create an Intuitive Client Journey.
  3. Uses the journey to qualify your leads.
  4. Nurtures your funnel participants to continue moving forward.

Did you know that your funnel is part of your Client Journey?

A Client Journey is the experience you provide your clients as they get to know you and your offerings.


,The first step of creating an optimized funnel is knowing exactly who you are speaking to.


So, who do you serve?

If you can’t answer that immediately, it’s time to dive in to your ideal client.

Workbook and emails to grow with

We offer a variety of setup packages for Kajabi and some of the most common integrations.

Turnaround time for each individual package below is 2 to 3 weeks when all content is received on time.

We look forward to making your next launch happen smoothly!

Learn about our Kajabi Management packages here for ongoing support.

I was looking for a "right hand" team member. Someone who could step in and run the day-to-day operations while also seeing 3-4 steps ahead and determining what would be needed (operations and outsourced ) to fulfill our vision for what is coming.

Hillary has given me the ability to let go thinking about day-to-day ops, given me a strong sense of being supported, and handled the reimagining of a membership program with very little effort on my part.

Patty Lennon

Founder of The Receiving School®, Author and Speaker, Make Space for Magic

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