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Kajabi is an all-in-one platform to run your digital course and coaching business. It’s a leader in the market because you can run your business without using third-party services.  On Kajabi, build your website and your sales funnels with landing pages, opt-in forms, checkouts, bundles of products, and even countdown timers. It’s even possible to trigger email sequences and other automation. We are Kajabi experts and can help you with any questions you have!

The amazing thing about Kajabi is that you can build your entire business on Kajabi. I used to be wary of such a thing because you can’t do everything perfectly. But when you have ten different services that do things perfectly, and you have to tie them together with Zapier, it brings the quality way down and the time and money spent way up.

I used to live and breathe integrations, troubleshooting and chasing the processes, and finally pinpointing the error. I love tech and the puzzles it brings, but it doesn’t add up when you are growing your business to 6 and 7-figures.


Kajabi is an All-in-One platform. 

The paragraphs above are a huge reason why that is good, but what does it mean?

Kajabi can take the place of your website, email marketing tool, sales funnel, pipeline or e-commerce tool, course management system, your membership system and community, and even your event registration tool.

Add that up! And there is no time to integrate all these things! They all are connected already.

So now that the tech is much smoother, why would you still hire a Kajabi Expert?

Do you ever dive into something and realize that it is much more complex than you thought?


Kajabi is a beast and I mean that in the best possible way.

It does a lot! When managing a Kajabi site, you still need to design the website and landing pages. An email marketing strategy is necessary, and all those emails need to be designed and scheduled. Sales funnels, opt-in forms, and email sequences need to be created for your freebies and courses. And that’s not all!

We all know that doing what you love makes you more productive and more profitable! Sticking within your skillset and passion allows you to get very good at what you do, while diving off into things you do not love doing makes you frustrated and far less profitable.


Kajabi Help

A Kajabi management team or specialist understands how the different parts of Kajabi work together. We live immersed in the work you need to be done. What takes a specialist an hour to do because they are familiar, knowledgable, and comfortable with all the aspects may take someone unfamiliar 4 hours or more.

So say, “Don’t take me away from growing my business!” and spend those four or more hours doing what you do best and improving your profit margin.

Are you ready to make more money doing what you love? Then, schedule a call, and let’s talk about it.

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