Level Up your Kajabi Course Engagement

Level Up your Kajabi Course Engagement

Kajabi Coaching

You’ve created multiple levels of courses that flow so well for your student experience. It’s a natural progression, and those that go through all the levels love what you have created. You have helped them grow, expand, and heal.

So now that you have brought your vision to life, it’s time to focus on those who haven’t completed the journey. Kajabi can help with that! 



What is gamification?

It’s when you create a system to add a competitive element – even if they are just competing against their ability to procrastinate. 

So how do we gamify your course? There are many options! 

One way would be to create a points system and add some points for each completed lesson, homework, or even some extra credit. Then, those points can enter them into a drawing or redeem a coupon code for the next level! 

On the completion of lessons, you can give rewards of special content just for them.

Depending on how long the course is, you could give periodic prizes. 

If you want to make it more competitive, have a leaderboard. 


At a loss for ideas?

If you are not sure what may help engage your students to keep moving forward, ask those who have already completed – you should be talking to them anyway! But, if you are not, we need to talk. I can help you understand what your students really want.

With some of my clients, their students would give almost anything for a private session! 

The possibilities to reward are endless. 



You can still do these things with evergreen courses. The rewards do not have to be group-oriented.

Most of your students want to feel connected to you and in being a part of your program. At a minimum, your students need to know that you are aware of their progress. Here’s how to do that –


Engagement Automation 

Ok, so you are rewarding your students, but what about those who are not progressing. Not only do they need to be reminded of the value they will receive by continuing your course, but they need to know that you are aware of where they are. So how do we do that? 


It’s all in the tagging and email sequencing, and it goes like this –


  1. When they purchase the course, they are tagged. So let’s call this one MC-New, as in “my course – newbie.” 
  2. When they complete the first lesson, we untag them removing MC-New and tagging them with MC-1.

Do this for all the levels. 

Email Sequence

Then you create the email sequencing. Each level has a sequence, and its tag is its only trigger.

The first email will say, “congrats on completing this lesson!” It’s not the only one tho! 

The next email that may go out in 3 days will ask how things are going. It will remind them of what they are gaining from this lesson and how to confirm that they are on the right path. 

You can have as many emails as you want, checking in periodically, reminding them of rewards they will reap, the journey they are working through, and all that is ahead of them as long as they keep moving forward. 

I hope this has given you ideas for upping your game and the growth of your students. Let’s talk about it. We’re happy to discuss your Kajabi setup and how we can move it forward.


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