May Update: A full hour of self-care and business insights

May Update: A full hour of self-care and business insights

May Update: A full hour of self-care and business insights

with Hillary Sciscoe


Are you seeking a supportive community where you can connect with like-minded individuals, learn from inspiring speakers, and grow both personally and in your business? 

Look no further than Ground & Grow, a monthly virtual gathering designed to nourish your entrepreneurial spirit.


May’s Meeting on the third Thursday of May!

It all began with a Grounding Exercise led by Veronica Drake

We started the session centered and presented with a guided exercise that set the tone for a space of openness and connection throughout the call, allowing us to be present and absorb more.

Business Introductions with Heart

I say 40 seconds, and we don’t use a timer! I think it works. 🙂 We get to know our fellow Ground & Grow members by listening to them share who they love to work with, what they’re passionate about, and how we can support them in warm and welcoming introductions.

Business Insights: Workflow and Systems Efficiency with Carrie Wulf

In May, Carrie offered practical tips on creating efficient workflows to keep your team and client processes running smoothly. We gained valuable insights and inspiration from Carrie’s knowledge share, which sparked great questions and discussions.

Is 40 seconds really enough? Of course not.

We deepen connections with smaller breakout room discussions to wrap up the call. These focused 10-minute sessions allow you to connect with 2-3 participants more personally and exchange ideas.

The Ground & Grow Community

I love this community! Ground & Grow is a safe space to ask questions, share challenges, and get feedback on your business ideas that fosters a thriving community with a remarkable 65% attendance rate, highlighting the strong sense of connection and value members find in these monthly gatherings.

Are you open to connecting with like-minded individuals, learn from inspiring speakers, and embark on personal and professional growth? 

Click here to review the upcoming dates.

Ground & Grow Community


Growing your Spiritual Business

Growing your Spiritual Business

Growing your Spiritual Business


by Hillary Sciscoe

It’s a journey that demands a harmonious blend of effective strategies, unwavering dedication, and consistent effort.

These blogs encompass a range of topics, each offering valuable insights:

1. Defining Your Niche and Target Audience

Learn how to pinpoint your area of expertise within the spiritual coaching field and identify the audience you want to serve. Specializing in a niche allows you to develop mastery and cater to the specific needs of your target market. Read more.

speak to the heart

2. Developing a Strong Brand and Online Presence

Explore the process of creating a strong brand identity that reflects your values and expertise. I’ll guide you through building a professional website to showcase your services and establishing a meaningful online presence through social media platforms. Read more.

3. Building a Network and Establishing Partnerships

Networking is vital for expanding your reach and gaining clients. I’ll show you how to leverage industry events to connect with peers and potential clients. Collaborating with others in the spiritual and wellness field can also open doors to new audiences. Read more.

connect with influencers

4. Offering High-Quality Content and Value

Content is key in demonstrating your expertise. I’ll discuss the importance of providing valuable content through various mediums like blog posts, videos, podcasts, and free resources. Valuable content helps you build credibility and attract a dedicated following. Read more.

5. Implementing Effective Marketing and Sales Strategies

A well-rounded marketing plan is crucial. I’ll guide you through incorporating online and offline tactics, utilizing social media advertising, content marketing, email marketing, and SEO techniques. Additionally, I’ll cover sales strategies such as free consultations, packages, and webinars to convert potential leads into clients. Read more.

online networking groups

I invite you to explore these blogs offering actionable steps to elevate your spiritual coaching business. Feel free to explore them and use the insights to drive real growth and success in your entrepreneurial journey. 

Remember, growth comes with a blend of intention and action. Here’s to your continuous evolution and the radiant success of your spiritual coaching venture!🌟✨

If you are ready to take this deeper, get access to my Business Alignment Ritual. 

Are you ready to make a profound impact on the world by connecting people to their intuition and soul’s purpose?


Talk to Hillary

Consultant for Spiritual and Holistic Entrepreneurs


Unleash Your Potential with Kajabi’s Creator Studio

Unleash Your Potential with Kajabi’s Creator Studio

Unleash Your Potential with Kajabi’s Creator Studio

by Hillary Sciscoe


Are you ready to take your heart-centered business to new heights?

I hope so because Kajabi’s Creator Studio (still in beta) will revolutionize your content creation and marketing efforts. I have played with this new, innovative tool, and it will empower you, making marketing your business easier than ever before.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the potential of Creator Studio and how it can help you generate compelling content in minutes.


Repurpose Your Content with Ease

Creator Studio is a game-changer, allowing you to quickly and easily repurpose your existing content into a wide array of new content. This feature is invaluable for businesses seeking to reach more people in less time. 

So get ready to effortlessly create content for various channels, including social media clips, blog posts, emails, landing page copy, and more.

A Game-Changer for Heart-Centered Businesses

Embrace this new era of content creation and watch your heart-centered business thrive in the digital realm. The possibilities are endless, and the journey is bound to be extraordinary.


Content Variety at Your Fingertips 

One of the most exciting aspects of Creator Studio is the diversity of content you can generate. With just a few clicks, you can have enough content to market your courses, podcasts, communities, or coaching services for weeks. You can select up to fifteen types of content, and all content repurposed from the same video will live in the same project.

Streamlined Project Creation

Creating a project is a breeze. From the Creator Studio homepage, select “New project” and choose the video you want to repurpose. Next, select the marketing content you wish to create from it, such as landing page copy, video clips, email copy, transcripts, and more. This intuitive process makes it easy to get started.

Real-World Application

To help you visualize the potential of Creator Studio, let’s explore a practical example. Imagine you have a freebie video related to your heart-centered business. You can now access various summaries and clips that you can use in social media posts. Additionally, you can update your landing page with a modified version of the lead generation copy it proposes after customization to fit your voice, as demonstrated here.

Video Editing Made Simple

Within the video editor, you have the flexibility to trim your video, upload a logo, add text, and change the background color. The Creator Studio is all about putting customization in your hands, ensuring that your content aligns perfectly with your brand.

On-the-Fly Adjustments

If you ever need to create additional media types that you didn’t select in your initial round of content creation, Creator Studio has you covered. While in the project, you can click “add media” and select more media types to generate.

Social Media Integration

Kajabi’s Creator Studio even integrates with social media platforms! You can share your video to Facebook and Instagram and Facebook Groups you are a member of. You even have the option to let your Instagram Reel appear on your account’s grid. Plus, can share your videos directly to your LinkedIn account, expanding your reach across various platforms.

Beta Phase Considerations

It’s important to note that the Creator Studio can only connect to one Facebook username/password per Kajabi account for Facebook pages, Facebook groups, and Instagram business accounts. Be sure to keep this in mind as you explore the platform’s capabilities.

We are super excited for the Creator Studio!

The Creator Studio is a revolutionary tool that empowers businesses to simplify their content creation and marketing efforts. With this tool at your disposal, you can unlock your brand’s full potential and reach a broader audience with ease. 

Embrace this new era of content creation and watch your heart-centered business thrive in the digital realm. The possibilities are endless, and the journey is bound to be extraordinary.

So are you ready!? We are – schedule a call and we can talk about how to best use the Creator Studio in alignment with your marketing plan.


You must have a Marketing Blueprint for Success

You must have a Marketing Blueprint for Success

You must have a Marketing Blueprint for Success

by Hillary Sciscoe

In the world of heart-centered business, every step you take is meaningful. 

You’re on a mission to inspire, guide, and transform lives. Your programs and services are designed to provide enlightenment and personal growth. But what happens when you neglect the importance of a well-crafted marketing plan? The result is often marketing efforts that wander aimlessly, missing the opportunity to connect with your ideal audience and throwing money away.

Are you throwing money away or missing out on opportunities?  You need a Blueprint for Success! Here’s what you do!

Navigating the Marketing Landscape

A Marketing Blueprint keeps your marketing efforts from wandering aimlessly and throwing money away! 

marketing plan

1. Building on a Rock-Solid Foundation

The marketing strategy is the foundation of any successful marketing plan. This is your guiding star, your anchor in the ever-changing sea of marketing possibilities. The Marketing Strategy provides clarity, direction, and purpose. It outlines your mission, vision, and goals, ensuring that every step you take is aligned with your core values.

Just as a spiritual journey requires a solid foundation of beliefs and principles, your marketing efforts need a rock-solid foundation to thrive. 

2. Crafting a Tactical Action Plan and Marketing Calendar

Once you have your foundation, it’s time to map out your journey. This is where the 90-day tactical action plan and marketing calendar come into play. Think of this as your roadmap, guiding you through the twists and turns of the marketing landscape.

The tactical action plan is a detailed breakdown of the actions and tasks needed to achieve your marketing goals. It’s a step-by-step guide that ensures you stay on course and make steady progress. The marketing calendar helps you manage your time efficiently, ensuring your marketing efforts are coordinated and aligned with your overall strategy.

3. Aligning Budget Considerations

In any journey, financial awareness is crucial. Your marketing plan should incorporate budget considerations to ensure you have the necessary resources to reach your goals. With a clear budget, you can avoid overspending or misallocating resources, leading to overwhelm and stress.

Your budget aligns with your strategic direction, ensuring that your financial resources are invested where they will have the most impact. It’s not just about spending; it’s about spending intentionally and strategically.

4. Outlining Recommended Marketing Activities

In the vast marketing landscape, there are countless activities you can engage in. However, not all of them will align with your strategic direction and goals. Your marketing blueprint should highlight the recommended marketing activities most likely to lead to success.

These activities are carefully selected to resonate with your ideal audience, convey your message effectively, and utilize the most suitable communication channels. It’s about quality over quantity. You can maximize your marketing efforts by focusing on the activities that matter most.

5. Your Marketing Blueprint for Success

Your marketing plan is not just a collection of tasks; it’s your blueprint for success in the marketing landscape to confidently, purposefully, and strategically navigate complex terrain. Just as a seeker follows a path of enlightenment, a marketing plan leads you toward realizing your business objectives.

So keep your marketing efforts from wandering aimlessly!

Contact us today to embark on a journey guided by strategy, purpose, and direction and watch your business thrive. Your services and programs deserve the spotlight, and a well-crafted marketing plan ensures they reach the audience they’re meant to inspire and transform.


Elevating Your Established Brand

Elevating Your Established Brand

Elevating Your Established Brand: 5 Tips for Sharing Valuable Content 

as a Leading Spiritual Entrepreneur

by Hillary Sciscoe

As an established brand in the spiritual community, maintaining your position as a leading authority requires a continuous commitment to providing valuable content. Demonstrating your expertise through content that resonates with your audience reinforces your brand’s credibility and attracts new followers and clients.

Get ready! We’re going to dive into five expert tips for elevating your established brand by creating and sharing valuable content showcasing your wisdom, experience, and dedication to helping your audience on their spiritual journey.

1. Deepen Your Understanding of Your Audience

With an established brand, you have the advantage of a dedicated audience, who you have many opportunities to get to know better.

Take this opportunity to deepen your understanding of their evolving needs and preferences by conducting surveys, engaging in conversations, and analyzing feedback to gain valuable insights into your audience’s challenges and aspirations.

Understanding your audience allows you to tailor your content to address their unique requirements, creating a more profound impact and reinforcing your brand’s position as a trusted source of guidance.

Need help going deeper – I have just the thing! Get access to my Business Alignment Ritual. 

deep understanding
online networking groups

2. Offer Advanced Insights and Innovative Approaches

Your audience looks to you for meaningful insights and innovative approaches.

Elevate your content by offering advanced teachings, exploring deeper spiritual concepts, and sharing your original perspective. Share through thought-provoking articles, in-depth workshops, and create immersive online courses that challenge and inspire your audience.

You continue to position your brand as a pioneering force in the spiritual industry by showing up as a leader in your field.

3. Showcase Your Success Stories

An established brand has a foundation of success stories and transformations.

Celebrate the journeys of your clients and followers by showcasing their success stories. Share videos, testimonials, case studies, and personal accounts of growth and healing resulting from your coaching and guidance.

These stories provide social proof of effectiveness.

create connect
Open it up

4. Leverage Multi-channel Content Distribution

Get yourself out there! Diversify your content distribution across multiple platforms to maximize your reach and engagement.

Continue to write content and create video and audio resources to cater to diverse preferences. You can host live events, workshops, and masterclasses to deepen your connection with your audience. Utilize your established presence on social media to share bite-sized insights, behind-the-scenes content, and interactive sessions. Take it further and create a short-form content strategy.

An integrated multi-channel approach ensures your valuable content reaches a broader audience and reinforces your brand’s authority in spiritual coaching. 

5. Foster a Community of Empowerment

Your content should inform and empower your audience.

Encourage community engagement through forums, private groups, or membership platforms. Create spaces where your followers can interact, support one another, and share their growth experiences.

By fostering a community of empowerment, you cultivate a loyal audience who values your content and advocates for your brand and its transformative impact.

Loving Community
long-lasting relationships

Elevating your established brand in the spiritual coaching industry requires a strategic and purposeful approach to content creation and distribution.

You can continue demonstrating your expertise as a leading spiritual entrepreneur by deepening your understanding of your audience, offering advanced insights, showcasing success stories, leveraging multichannel content distribution, and fostering a community of empowerment.

As your brand thrives, your valuable content will reinforce your position as a trusted authority, attract new followers, and inspire positive transformations on the spiritual paths of those you touch. Embrace these expert tips and watch as your established brand continues to shine brightly in spiritual coaching.

If you are ready to take this deeper, get access to my Business Alignment Ritual. 

Are you ready to make a profound impact on the world by connecting people to their intuition and soul’s purpose?


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