The Team

Hillary Sciscoe

Founder, Creative Director

Hillary is all about finding creative solutions to help us live our best lives. She created HVS to help holistic and spiritual entrepreneurs build their audience and get their message out. She feels blessed to have a gifted team and amazing clients that put their heart into their work to help others. Scroll down to meet the team.

    laurie katapski

    Laurie Katapski

    Marketing Strategist + Project Manager

    With strong roots in hospitality marketing in senior-level positions, Laurie has managed all things marketing! She is committed to helping businesses with their marketing strategy, marketing processes, and project management so they can grow their businesses effectively and efficiently.

    Growing up in Orange County, CA, Laurie was already an industrious marketer. She demonstrated that by identifying creative ways to make money, like making stuffed animals and rock creations and selling them in the neighborhood. During college, she helped develop and run a high-end, children’s day camp that accommodated 300 kids per day.

    All of this played into her attraction to marketing, and her first marketing role in a multi-unit restaurant company. Throughout her marketing career in the restaurant industry, she has marketed (and eaten!) her way through a variety of brands, developing and managing marketing plans and processes.

    Laurie loves providing marketing support and direction to help businesses and coaches develop an emotional connection to their clients through a solid marketing foundation that facilitates engagement and drives loyalty to their brands. She loves supporting soulful entrepreneurs that enhance people’s lives in so many tangible and intangible ways and wants to help them succeed to expand their reach and benefit more people.

    Fun facts:

    • She has run 14 full marathons, 26.2 miles each, and many half marathons all over the country.
    • Her restaurant marketing experience has covered all the major food groups: hamburgers, burritos, pizza, pasta, sushi, and pie!
    • She has snorkeled at the Great Barrier Reef.
    laurie katapski

    Marian Gapasin

    Technical Marketing Genius

    Marian is a dedicated professional with a remarkable attention to detail that sets her apart in her field. She has a keen eye for aesthetics, consistently crafting eye-catching graphics that captivate and engage. Her commitment to her work is unwavering, and she takes immense pride in every project she undertakes.

    With several years of experience working alongside Hillary, Marian has proven herself as an invaluable team member. Her role involves a diverse range of responsibilities, from meticulously managing content schedules to editing emails for clarity and impact. She’s also a master at crafting and curating stunning graphics that breathe life into content. In addition, she deftly navigates the complexities of course management in platforms like Kajabi, ensuring seamless educational experiences for clients.

    Marian’s passion extends beyond her professional endeavors. She wholeheartedly prefers collaborating with homegrown businesses over corporate giants and helping them thrive. As a team player, she consistently supports different initiatives, ensuring that all tasks are executed with precision and efficiency.

    Marian loves supporting women-led spiritual businesses. Beyond her role in handling the intricate details, she gains valuable personal and professional insights from these collaborations to continue to fuel her own growth.

    Outside of her work, Marian finds solace and inspiration in a variety of hobbies. She’s an avid reader, constantly expanding her knowledge and horizons. Regular walks are an essential part of her routine, promoting her physical and mental well-being. Her creative side flourishes through crocheting and in the art of wax seals, adding a touch of elegance to special projects.

    In all aspects of her life, Marian creativity, dedication, and caring, making her an indispensable asset to this team. Her deep-rooted passion for her work and her continuous quest for personal development define her as a professional who not only excels in her craft but also enriches the lives of those she touches.

      Tamara and Rain

      Tamara Brower

      Web Designer

      Tamara desires to help small businesses have a web presence that showcases the client’s talents by building a virtual version of their business so potential customers can ‘visit’ that business 24/7. She has been successfully doing so as an entrepreneur for over 20 years.

      Tamara works as a team member with Hillary working with WordPress.

      She is the owner and operator of her website-building company, The Office Sage, which is a subsidiary of her company, A Basic Idea, LLC, that specializes in large programming projects and software creation.

      Tamara enjoys working with ‘soulful’ brands because she experiences things on a deeper, more spiritual level and can appreciate the desire of Hillary’s clients to help transform people’s lives into happier and more spiritual versions of themselves.

      When Tamara isn’t sitting at her computer, she enjoys training her dogs in many different disciplines; agility, obedience, conformation, scent work, field, to name just a few, and when time allows, she can be found riding her horse through the woods enjoying the sights and sounds of nature.

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