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Your Unique Client Journey begins with your website.

WordPress, Kajabi, Showit, Duda, and Squarespace.

You provide your clients with a transformational experience.

Your website should represent your brand’s personality and vision while leading visitors on an intuitive journey to sample your offerings.

Your website is a space to cultivate deep connections, empower clients, and amplify your heart-centered message.

By prioritizing authenticity, value, and personalized experiences, your website becomes a vital tool for attracting, nurturing, and transforming your ideal clients.

Which website platform is right for you?

Over the past 25 years, website building has evolved so much!

Our founder, Hillary, began building websites from scratch with pure HTML and CSS code before many of these builders existed – things have come a long way. No matter what platform your site is on, we can let the light of your business shine through.

Knowing what your company needs is where to start.

Do you need a simple site with easy navigation, a registration system, a membership portal, or do you run online programs?

We have our favorites, and each is great in its own way. Schedule a call to discuss which may be the best fit for you. 

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Before a Website Redesign take Time to Realign

As we continue our own business journey (a beautiful journey of growth and exploration!), it’s important to step back and realign ourselves with those we serve and how we serve them. A great place to start is with our Mindful Marketing Foundations Ideal Client Workbook. ⇩ 

Open your awareness to those you serve

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Kajabi’s All-in-One Platform is feature-rich.

Kajabi could be perfect for you if you run programs online, are a course creator, a coach, or have a membership. 

Looking for Kajabi Help? 

We love creating websites with Kajabi!
And all the other amazing things you can do with the Kajabi All-In-One Platform.


Squarespace brings it all together! 

SquareSpace is perfect for you if you want a website that is simple to update on your own. 

And even more perfect if you need scheduling and sales functionality. 

Looking for Squarespace Help? 


Duda masters business productivity.

Duda is a great choice for you if you want a website that is simple to update on your own. 

And even more perfect if you need client management, more customizations, and better SEO.

Looking for Duda Help? 


Showit gives you more creative control!

Showit is a great choice for you if you want a uniquely beautiful site.

No coding knowledge needed so you can make your own updates, or leave the design to us.

Looking for Showit Help? 

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Looking for WordPress Website Help?

We create websites with the Divi theme, using our license. We support Divi and Elementor sites. This site is running on Divi and we believe it is the best for a beautiful design.

WordPress Maintenance Plans

Keep your online presence running smoothly with weekly check-ins on your plugins, theme, and backups and continue to expand your brand’s virtual experience with new pages, updates, and plugins.

Website and Webpage Design

Is it time for something new?
We can fully redesign an existing page or create a whole new page. 💜

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme is the builder on your WordPress site. It is responsible for the design of your website and controls the colors, fonts, and layout.  Everything you see when viewing the front-end of your site is shaped by the theme.

Divi and Elementor are WordPress themes.

Why do you prefer Divi?

Divi is versatile. It allows you to customize your design and takes away the ‘blocky’ look you see on many websites. 

Do I pay ahead of time?

You will be invoiced the first week of each month for the previous month. 

An onboarding fee is due upon signing the agreement.

Do you include upkeep for e-commerce integrations?

Maintenance packages do not include upkeep and updates for e-commerce, membership, or similar systems, plugins, and integrations.

Is fixing broken links included in your package fee?

No, we will run the report as a part of the package. It is your choice to take the list and fix it or give it to someone else. HVS will fix the broken links at our hourly rate per your contract. 

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